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Ideal-Scope Diamond®
Sales System

A new system for low cost diamond branding that will be attractive to retailers because it adds too, rather than diluting, a stores own brand position.

How to cut - Better brilliance & better yield
Sarin have a DiamCalc function, developed in Moscow, that enables a cutter to plan and mark rough using a virtual Ideal-Scope. This unique function requires no complex training to understand or implement on the factory floor.

How to trade – more profitably
Dealers can market near miss Hearts and Arrows diamonds as Ideal-Scope diamonds, or make a selection from regular parcels using an Ideal-Scope and sell those diamonds at a premium.

How to Retail – more convincingly
Training retail staff to sell diamonds with today's high staff turnover rates is a big problem. The Ideal-Scope retail sales system and free counter cards have been developed over a decade in the presenters own stores. The system is easy to understand, especially for women, who tend to resist learning about diamond cut proportions. There is absolutely no need to know the table size, depth percentage of any other technical information. Customers can easily see that a diamond is well cut or not for themselves with the Ideal-Scope

Presented by Garry Holloway
FGAA, Dip DT Australia


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Researchers have shown alternative’s to the ‘Tolkowsky Ideal’ proportions


Two alternatives:



High yield from
sawn tops

High yield from
roundish makeables


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Sales Aids

Free Counter
Card and training

Low cost sales tools

Brand the retailer not the product