Main Topics

Consideration of master-stones for standardization of different cut grading systems
Inevitably different organizations will develop their own systems and standards. To avoid contentious contradictions between cut grading systems it is important that cut grades for the same stone be equal or similar. We propose the development of standards, calibers and master stones to evaluate cut quality and diamond beauty, just as the diamond community uses color master sets.

Concurrent grading of symmetry and proportion effects on cut quality
Discussion and consideration of the benefits and pitfalls of combining symmetry grading with proportion based approaches, with the goal of simplifying diamond buying for consumers.

Modern grade cut technologies and their application for gemology, manufacturers and trade
Advantages and drawbacks of traditional cut grading methods. Perspectives of recent scientific findings in the diamond cut field and presentations of different devices, software, methodologies and technologies. The practical applications that could result from various recent diamond cut studies.

Smart Cut design software: creating fashion cuts as marketing tools
New software for easy generation of new and more effective fancy cuts will be presented. Imagine new season "high fashion cuts" like the "Spring of 2004" on the catwalks of Paris.

Several abstracts and posters submitted to the Conference are available below

Diamond Report - Technical or Descriptive? >>>

by Gabi S. Tolkowsky

Superior diamonds at a better price >>>

by Iiro Suokko, Finland

Precise Three Dimensional Diamond Model: Perspective Applications >>>

by Sergey Sivovolenko, OctoNus, Moscow, Russia and
Yuri Shelementiev, MSU Gemological Center, Moscow, Russia

Ideal-Scope Diamond® Sales System >>>

by Garry Holloway FGAA, Dip DT Australia

Diamond Cut Grading - SLOPE PROPORTIONS (download pdf version) >>>

by B.L.Harding E.Brookfield, Mass., USA

The Concept of Angular Spectrum and its Relation to Gemstone Illumination Appeal >>>

by Jose Sasian, Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, USA and
Peter Yantzer and James Caudill, American Gem Society Laboratories, USA

Assumptions and Aspects of the Forthcoming AGS Cut Grading System >>>

by Peter Yantzer*, Dr. Jose Sasian**, James Caudill*
* American Gem Society Laboratories, USA
** University of Arizona, USA

Diamond Cut Grading System. Stages of development and implementation >>>

by Sergey Sivovolenko, OctoNus, Moscow, Russia and
Yuri Shelementiev, MSU Gemological Center, Moscow, Russia

Cutting for Certificates Or Cutting the Profit
A review on Indian Diamond Manufacturing

by Janak A. Mistry, Lexus SoftMac, India

To Brand or not to Brand - FAQ's and Practical Answers >>>

by Olga Okhrimenko, Corporate and Brand Identity Consulting (CBIconsult)

The Language of Diamond Beauty - Describing the diamond’s optical performance >>>

by Michael Cowing FGA, AGA Certified Gem Laboratory, USA

On the introduction of a new integral coefficient of the diamond brilliance beauty >>>

by V.K.Baranov, A.G.Golubinsky, R.I.Ilkaev
Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC- VNIIEF), Sarov, Nyzhni Novgorod region

and A.M.Bocharov, Y.N.Rebrik, M.A.Shkadov
Smolensk State Unitary Company Kristall Production Corporation (Kristall Production Corporation), Smolensk

Selling Revolution >>>

by Maarten de Witte, C.G., G.G., Hearts On Fire, USA

New Cut Grading Systems: the Technology Provider's Challenge >>>

by U. Lederer, Sarin Technologies Ltd., Israel


The Conference daily program

April 23 Hotel Alrosa hall and conference room
11.00 - 13.00
12.00 - 14.00
14.00 - 18.00
Meeting party
Conference opening and presentations
April 24 Hotel Alrosa hall and conference room
10.00 - 18.00 Oral presentations and poster sessions
Lunch and two coffee breaks
April 25 Hotel Alrosa hall and conference room
10.00 - 13.00
13.00 - 14.30
14.30 - 18.00
Oral presentations and poster sessions
Round table discussions
April 26
Day of optional presentations, round tables, and tours