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We are glad to announce that the 2nd International Diamond Cut Conference (IDCC-2) will take place in Switzerland in spring 2009.

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IDCC-2 Organizing Committee


1st International Diamond Cut Conference

April 23-26, 2004

Moscow, Russian Federation

Among the attributes determining the value of a faceted diamond, CUT is the factor where human intervention has the most influence. But CUT is the least understood because it is subjective and hardest to evaluate CUT is the most disputed of the 4 C's when it comes to value and the use of price-lists.

There is a growing need in the diamond industry for a widely accepted and reliable cut grading system. Developing such a system, acceptable and beneficial to all parties, is a complex task involving the optics of the stone as well as human taste and physiology. The development of new technology, devices and approaches will require communication and implementation in all industry sectors. Introduction of too many complex solutions and consumer's trust will be eroded. Combined efforts of experts from different areas can solve these problems and result in a unified system.

We invite all interested parties: diamond cutters, grading labs, retailers and technology developers to meet. Presentations of the achievements and new technologies from around the world will be made by various developers. The aim is to increase collaboration leading to the development of reliable grading systems that instill consumer confidence and promote certification and sales of diamonds.

Luxury goods that compete with diamonds are being constantly improved and developed. An advanced, but easily communicated, grading system will give the diamond industry a much needed impetus. It will also give the industry more freedom in diamond cutting and lead to the creation of more beautiful diamonds and better profits for the production of these stones.

Organizing Committee


The 1st International Diamond Cut Conference is supported by:

Russian Gemological Society

Russian Assay Office

Diamond Chamber of Russia